NürnbergMesse, BrauBeviale

A perfect atmosphere at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre: Between 12 and 14 November 2019, BrauBeviale once again became the focal point of the international beverage industry. About 40 000 trade visitors (2018: 40 882), including around 18000 from outside Germany, travelled to the most important international capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry this year.

Winners of the European Beer Star 2019

EBS and BBC Results 2019 | In November two famous European beer competitions took place. The Brussels Beer Challenge (BBC) has been held from 1 November to 3 November 2019 in its 8th edition. And only two weeks later the winners of the European Beer Star (EBS) 2019 were announced at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany.

VLB MicroBrew Symposium 2019

The 7th European MicroBrew Symposium | The first highlight of the trade fair week for craft brewers took place on November 11th: the 7th European MicroBrew Symposium. Organized by the VLB, the symposium was held one day before the doors of the trade fair officially opened.

Dr. Alexander Salomon of the German Embassy Pretoria, Dr. Lester Goldman, Water Institute of South Africa (WISA), Suzette Scheepers, Messe Muenchen South Africa, Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Messe München, Ranjt Baxi, Stefan Rummel, Messe München (f.l.t.r.) at the opening ceremony (Photo: Messe München South Africa)

From July 9 to 11, the fourth edition of food & drink technology Africa brought together the beverage, food and liquid food industry in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jury of the European Beer Star 2019 (Photo: Volker Martin/Private Brauereien)

Juried Tasting | The 16th European Beer Star competition was held at Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing, Germany, from October 10th to 12th 2019. A total of 145 people were invited to evaluate 2,483 beers (+ 6%) in 67 categories from 47 countries and every populated continent. The jury members came from 28 countries and were mostly master brewers, beer sommeliers or beer connoisseurs.

Different beer styles (Photo: rawpixel)

Brewers Association | The 2019 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition took place from 3 to 5 October 2019 in Denver. Judges examined 9,497 beers from 2,295 American breweries. In a ceremony at Denver’s Bellco Theatre, award-winning breweries received prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals.

Official conference opening by Solomon Tadele, Allyson Fish (Global Business Director, Food Enzymes at DuPont) Dr. Josef Fontaine, and Estifanos Samuel (f.l.t.r.) (Photo: ©Mekbib Tadesse/Dupont)

The 1st Africa Brewing Conference was held successfully from 21 to 23 May 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 180 participants from 20 countries utilized this event as a communication and knowledge platform. The conference was a joint project of VLB Berlin and DuPont Industrial Biosciences with the local support of Ethiopia Invest.

The 37th EBC Congress was held in conjunction with the 2nd BoE Forum in Antwerp, Belgium

Knowledge Update | The 37th EBC Congress comprised just under 500 attendees, 56 presentations arranged in 17 blocks and 126 posters covering 16 different topics, all of which concluded with stimulating panel discussions. The conference took place from June 2nd to 6th in Antwerp, Belgium.

International hop researchers met in Alsace

International Hop Growers’ Convention 2019 | It was the central theme of the convention: What measures should be taken to combat the deleterious effects of climate change? Is it best to approach these issues through breeding programs or perhaps through cultivation? Many presentations dealt with the warmer, drier climate and the effects it is already having on hop production. About 60 participants from eleven countries were invited by Dr. Florian Weihrauch, Chairman of the Scientific Technical Committee (STC) of the International Hop Growers’ Convention (IHGC), to attend the conference from July 7th to 11th 2019 in Bischoffsheim in Alsace, France. A packed program, created together with Comptoir Agricole, unfolded over three days and included a tour of the Alsatian wine-growing region.

Visitors enjoying beer and lively conversation (Photo: NürnbergMesse India)

The ever flourishing Indian Alco-Bev industry witnessed the 2nd edition of India’s only comprehensive international trade fair and conference for the alcohol and beverage industry, Craft Drinks India (CDI) 2019 from 3-4 July at Manpho Convention Centre, Bengaluru, India.

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