Technical Support | Non-alcoholic beers (NAB) are more popular than ever. Depending on the production technique of dealcoholization, NABs have a very different character. The state-of-the-art physical echniques to produce NABs are either thermal evaporation or reverse osmosis, besides the other technique of using speciality yeasts. For NABs produced by physical techniques, the sensory contribution of hops is even more pronounced after dealcoholization. Hop variety, hop product and hopping recipe can strongly influence the overall impression of the so produced NAB.


Company update | Hopsteiner is redefining customer service: thanks to the customer portal launched in 2023, managing contracts and data has never been easier. Hopsteiner has struck a chord with its customers with this excellent digital  Service: the number of users has risen steadily since the launch and the solution has become part of everyday life for numerous breweries.


Technical support | As usual at the turn of the year, we’d like to share some averaged data on the recent and previous crop year’s composition of aroma substances of some selected hop varieties. This comparison is intended as a helpful indication to achieve consistent hop aroma in beer, especially when changing from one crop year to another.

Technical support | Type Hoptanical are used before or during filtration and combines hop and plant aromas. The result is a diversification that knows no bounds and ranges from fruity to herbal. Bitter substances are not included.

Hop market | The crop estimate for the Hallertau was announced on August 23rd., meaning that crop 2023 estimates have now been submitted for all German hop growing areas.

Technical support | Type Essential are used before or during filtration and replace late hop additions in the brewhouse. A typical "late hop" and/or "dry hop" aroma is the result.

Company update | A convincing communication design not only reflects design creativity, but also a coherent overall conceptual design. It ensures that the attitude and values of the company behind it are clear. The sustainability report of Simon H. Steiner, Hopfen, GmbH from Mainburg met this criteria with great  success and has been awarded the German Design Award 2023 in the category "Excellent Communication Design - Editorial".

Technical support | To learn more about hop oils, go to our homepage hopoils.com or contact us directly by email at .

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