ADVERTORIAL 22 February 2024

Excellent digital Service: the Hopsteiner Customer Portal

Company update | Hopsteiner is redefining customer service: thanks to the customer portal launched in 2023, managing contracts and data has never been easier. Hopsteiner has struck a chord with its customers with this excellent digital  Service: the number of users has risen steadily since the launch and the solution has become part of everyday life for numerous breweries.

The customized tool for the brewing industry offers "self-service at its best". It enables registered Hopsteiner customers to complete all tasks via a single platform. Analog filing systems and manually maintained Excel  spreadsheets are now a thing of the past – the new service includes fast data management and smooth customer communication.

The highlights:

  • Clear platform for centralized management of all relevant data;
  • Flexible access around the clock;
  • View and download important documents such as invoices, delivery bills and certificates;
  • Manage sales contracts and master datarelating to the ordering process;
  • Place order requests directly in the portal.

The features at a glance: functions for greater efficiency

The Hopsteiner Customer Portal is characterized by a lean design and yet provides all the functions for effective contract management.

  • Dashboard: displays the latest page accesses;
  • Contracts: filterable, download of invoices, shipment notes, certificates of analysis, variety and product data sheets; data can be exported as lists;
  • Customers: digital inquiry process, basic and product information as well as contact persons;
  • Order requests: place directly in the portal.

All sales contracts always at a glance

Sales contracts can be sorted and filtered according to any parameters with just a few clicks. In addition to downloading all stored documents, contracts and customers can also be exported as lists.

All contract details compact and clear

All contract details and delivery information can be found on the details page. Invoices and certificates can also be downloaded here.

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