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Myanmar | Kirin will be glad it exited its local brewery joint venture with a military-linked partner in 2022: Because human rights activists have since stepped up their efforts to call out international brewers still operating in the country over the military’s human rights abuses.

Australia | Kirin’s subsidiary Lion, the number two brewer in Australia, decided to close its Tiny Mountain taproom and microbrewery and discontinue the brand altogether.

India – Will this end their public spat? Danish brewer Carlsberg said the Khetan Group, which owns 33 percent of the shares in the holding company that manages businesses in India and Nepal, has announced it seeks to sell its entire stake to the brewer for USD 744 million.

Vietnam | The beer and beverage industry was hit hard by the pandemic, when restaurants, bars and hotels were forced to close. However, the brewing industry has seen a rapid recovery.

Australia | There is a lot of angst about the latest excise hike, following high inflation. The cost of beer is set to rise again, as excise tax went up by 3.7 percent on 1 February, after rising 4 percent in August last year.

Australia | How inspired is this? The Asahi-owned brewing company CUB introduced Spill in November in partnership with the booze retailer Coles. CUB engaged the social media star Abbie Chatfield as the celebrity influencer and face of the brand.

India – The Budweiser brewer expects India to be among the top three markets for its brand in the next three years, led by double-digit growth in the premium beer segment, Indian media reported on 9 November.

 Australia | Dr Tim Cooper, Managing Director of the Adelaide-based Coopers Brewery, fears that beer is losing its ability to withstand tough economic times.

Australia | Succumbing to wokery, as some see it, the craft brewer Colonial has changed its name, following two years of pressure amid claims it “glorifies and glamorises the colonial process”. As of 7 September, it calls itself CBCo.

Australia | The Tax Office raised the excise by 4 percent on 1 August, leaving Australians with the world’s fourth-highest beer tax behind Norway, Japan, and Finland. Australians now pay 30 percent more tax on beer than their fellow drinkers in the UK.

Myanmar | After more than a year of legal wrangling, Japanese brewer Kirin will sell its stake in Myanmar brewery (MBL), a joint venture with military-owned Myanma Economic Holdings (MEHL), to the brewery for USD 164 million. The decision was announced on 30 June 2022.