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Austria | The Beer Party, founded largely as a joke, has said that it will enter into this year’s parliamentary elections, provided it can recruit 20,000 new members and raise funds before the end of April.

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The Netherlands | At the behest of public health advocates, 2024 saw the excise on beer, wines, and spirits rise by 8.4 percent. Some Dutch cities, including Utrecht, Haarlem, and Groningen, also decided to ban alcohol advertising on municipal billboards.

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The Netherlands | Beer industry associations worry that the excise increase will hit brewers hard. In recent years, the Netherlands has developed into a leading beer country with almost 1,000 breweries. The tax hike puts this at risk, according to recent research commissioned by the Dutch Beer Culture Heritage Foundation, the Dutch Brewers Association, and CRAFT, which represents craft brewers.

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Poland | The Polish brewing industry experienced a massive decline in 2023 – production may have dropped by as much as 7 percent, wiping out 2 million hl in beer sales over 2022.

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Czech Republic | State-owned Budějovický Budvar (Budweiser Budvar) brewed a record 1.8 million hl of beer in 2023, up 4.3 percent (+77 000 hl) year-on-year. More than 70 percent of its output was exported. Budvar expects to have reached sales of more than CZK 3 billion (USD 130 million) in 2023.

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Denmark | The Danish beer industry could not have cared less that Carlsberg acquired a minority stake in the iconic craft brewer Mikkeller. Since the deal was announced on 16 January, no hostile comments have appeared on the web as far as we can see. Maybe the deal has been expected for years?

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Germany | What, on earth, possessed them? At the beginning of January, Bitburger brewery posted a photo of a pregnant woman with a bulging and naked baby bump drinking a bottle of beer. The motif and the tagline “Tested by mums. Brewed for all of you” (trans.) caused widespread indignation.

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Belgium | AB-InBev is becoming the first-ever beer sponsor for the next three Olympic and Paralympic Games, media reported on 12 January. Rather than use the sponsorship to advertise an established beer, though, AB-InBev will promote its non-alcoholic brand Corona Cero globally to show the company’s and International Olympic Committee’s commitment to responsible consumption.

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Italy | How serious is the issue of tax evasion by smuggling beer into Italy? In October 2023, the Italian police confiscated 2 500 litres (62 kegs) of German beer on the Motorway A22 just across the border from Austria.

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Russia | Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the EU banned the export of champagne, high-end cars, expensive electronics, and sports gear to the country – but not beer. After dipping 30 percent in sales in 2022 to USD 161 million, according to Statista, beer imports were on the rise again in 2023.

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