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Namibia | The country’s competition watchdog is expected to issue its ruling on Heineken’s takeover of Namibia Breweries this month. A member of Namibia’s competition authority already hinted in June, in an opinion piece on the website economist.com.na, that the deal could receive the green light.

Africa | After several decades, Castel and Coke have terminated their contract at the end of June 2022. Rumour has it that Castel wanted a better deal and Coke said no. Rivals were quick to step in, not least Portuguese beverage group Refriango in Angola, where Castel has since hammered out a contract to bottle Pepsi products. Being the major brewer in Angola, Castel may succeed at switching Coke drinkers to Pepsi.

Cameroon | “Natural” monopolies may be sneered at, but they are nice to have. Once France’s Castel Group takes over Guinness Cameroon, it will be home alone in this important African beer market.

Nigeria | There are two things Nigerian media really get passionate about: politics and beer. So, you can imagine the outcry after the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mohammed Bello, in early July 2022, prohibited the sale of roasted fish and alcoholic drinks in parks and gardens in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, after 6 pm. This is to prevent “criminality” in the parks.

South Africa | Rumour has it that Heineken could dispose of its Strongbow cider brand in South Africa, in order to alleviate competition commission concerns over its proposed USD 2.5 billion takeover of South Africa’s largest alcohol producer, Distell.

South Africa | Distell’s shareholders, on 15 February 2022, voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Heineken takeover. They are offered cash, or the option to keep shares in the unlisted companies that will result from the deal. They can also take part cash and part shares.

Ethiopia | It is one of the industry’s unwritten rules, that if you cannot be number one or two, vamoose. This must have been the reason why global drinks company Diageo, on 24 January 2022, announced that it has agreed to sell its Meta Abo Brewery to BGI, part of Castel Group, the French multinational.

South Africa | No wonder Heineken and Distell were a bit vague about financials. The three-way transaction between Heineken, Distell and Namibia Breweries (NBL), which will create a total beverage alcohol firm in southern Africa, could take a year to complete.

South Africa | In one fell swoop Heineken has widened and re-organised its interests in southern Africa. On 15 November 2021 it reported that it has agreed to buy drinks firm Distell as part of a plan to create a new Southern African business.

South Africa | No jobs, no electricity and no booze? South Africa is facing a joyless festive season. In late October, the energy supplier Eskom laid out its load shedding forecast for the next 18 months. It expects rolling blackouts to feature heavily in South Africa for the foreseeable future.

South Africa | What are we to make of this? Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), a listed producer of beer (Windhoek lager), soft drinks and RTDs, received an offer on 1 October 2021, to sell its loss-making 25 percent stake in the Heineken South Africa joint venture to Heineken for an undisclosed amount.