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Heineken brewery from above (Photo: Heineken)

Digital integration | In a market where consumer demands and preferences can instantly change, being agile is no longer a “want” but an absolute “must have”. Heineken, being one of the largest brewers in the world, knows this all too well. To ensure the company can keep pace with ever-changing market conditions and business requirements now and for the future, Heineken’s focus is now on becoming the best-connected brewer through the launch of its EverGreen global business strategy. Seeking technology capable of facilitating this goal has been fundamental for its success.

Tetra Laval, the group which comprises Tetra Pak, Sidel and DeLaval is donating an additional EUR 8 million to humanitarian aid in Ukraine and relief efforts in Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania (excluding Russia and Belorussia).

Innovations in new products, services, and applications resulted in even stronger market positions of the global technology company Bühler. The company grew order intake by 16 percent, to more than CHF 3 billion. Thanks to its strong global production, supply, and service network, Bühler was able to secure timely deliveries to customers even under difficult conditions. At the same time, Bühler further improved its financial stability with improvements in the net liquidity and the equity ratio. “Our engaged employees in our strong global network allowed us to prove our reliability to our customers and partners. And we clearly strengthened our innovation power,” says Bühler CEO Stefan Scheiber.

Insight into Sustainable actions | The BarthHaas Group, comprised of BarthHaas Germany, BarthHaas UK, Hop Products Australia (HPA), and John I. Haas, Inc., has published their first Global Sustainability Report: in it, the world’s leading hop product and service provider documents the environmental, social, and economic challenges affecting hop cultivation and processing in the reporting period August 2017 to July 2021.

Collecting Collectively | Since October 2nd 2020, Dr. Martin Zarnkow of the Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality has been the new chairman of the Mitteleuropäische Brautechnische Analysenkommission (Central European Commission for Technical Brewing Analysis), or MEBAK for short. He has succeeded Prof. Frank-Jürgen Methner of the TU Berlin, who headed MEBAK from 2016 to 2020. The organization, too, currently finds itself in a period of transition – a very good reason for BRAUWELT International to visit its new chairman.

RESTLESS RETIREMENT | After a rewarding professional life, those who still want to remain active in retirement do, in fact, have alternatives. In Bonn, Germany, there is an organization called “Senior Experten Service” (SES) which finds retirees work assignments in foreign countries lasting several weeks. There, the seniors are able to apply the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years of practicing their professions to aid those who require these services – a win-win situation. Brewer Horst Ernst Bismark has been deployed by SES almost 30 times.

New beginning | His term of office is coming to an end: Tiago M. Brandão hands over to the nominee, Benet Fité Luís, after 5 years as President of the EBC (European Brewery Convention). And this is taking place in eventful times. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a decision to recommend that the 38th EBC Congress, planned for late spring/early summer 2021, should be postponed to 2022. The good thing about this move is that in 2022, the EBC will also be celebrating its 75th anniversary. BRAUWELT International spoke with both, Tiago Brandão and Benet Fité, about the tasks ahead.

BrewDog goes mainstreamCraft beer | Shock, horror. Scottish craft brewer BrewDog has gone for a rebrand that is so sensible and grown up that it would make the royal tree hugger Prince Charles proud. Is this the way of the world? That eventually all rebellious punks will take out their earrings, get a haircut and wear a tie to work?

The Brewers of Europe | In a letter to the European Commission The Brewers of Europe is calling to consider setting up a special task force on hospitality and tourism including bars, pubs and cafes as part of its ‘European Roadmap’ towards lifting of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Corona crisis | To support the global response to this crisis, the Tetra Laval Group , Pully, Switzerland, will donate 10 Mio EUR to various voluntary organisations supporting the health care systems across the countries that we operate in.

Corona crisis | The Carlsberg Foundation, the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Tuborg Foundation are targeting extraordinary grants that can mobilize and support researchers, art museums and civil society in the scientific, economic and human efforts at a time when society is challenged by the COVID-19 epidemic.