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BRAUWELT International 2-2022

EDITORIAL - Hoping for brighter days

As winter gives way to spring, our expectations of brighter days – in light of the circumstances in Eastern Europe – have been dashed. The cheerful optimism of springtime now rings hollow and has been replaced by an icy sense of dread. Currently (mid-March), it is beyond anyone to foretell how extensive the destruction and misery will be. No one in our industry can escape the grim repercussions of the devastated production facilities, wrecked supply chains and collapsing markets – all of which are overshadowed by the unspeakable pain and anguish suffered by so many. Therefore, in this context, it will come as no surprise to any of you that it has proven difficult for me to find the words to express the apparent glimmer of hope I do indeed see for our industry after emerging from two years of the pandemic.

MAJOR EVENTS are once again taking place in-person. The upcoming Craft Brewers Conference in Minneapolis, USA, is scheduled for the beginning of May. We look ahead to this event on p. 127. The 38th EBC Congress and the Brewers Forum follow at the end of May in Madrid, Spain. We spoke to acting EBC President Benet Fité about this, and he provides us with a glimpse into their preparations for the EBC Congress on p. 94. In Madrid, the EBC will be celebrating its 75th anniversary, while the association hosting the event, the Cerveceros de España, will commemorate its 100th. And in a similar vein, the Siebel Institute of Chicago, USA, is marking its 150th anniversary this year, which we honor on p. 82.

REAL TIME DATA IN THE BREWHOUSE – The brewhouse is now gearing up for the digital future. The GEA InsightPartner Brewery is a tool currently being tested in the pilot phase at a German brewery. The software analyzes process data in real time, e.g., lautering, heating rates, turbidity, etc. On the basis of this information, the brewhouse personnel are able to evaluate the quality and efficiency of wort production as it occurs, allowing corrective measures to be taken if need be. An overview of what awaits us in our digital future starts on p. 100.

EQUIPMENT CHECK – Finally, we shift our gaze to bottling. Bottle washers represent a major investment and thus should not only meet all of the demands (and there are many) of modern machine technology but should also conform to all of the stipulations as outlined in the manufacturer’s warranty. An article by Dr. Hubertus Schneiderbanger of the Research Center Weihenstephan delineates the most important parameters for assessing a bottle washer. Some of the tests can be carried out by the brewery itself – to find out which ones, turn to p. 116.

COLD-FILTERED – Apart from some specialty products, yeast and other microorganisms are ordinarily no longer desired in the beer at bottling. Conventionally, microbiological stabilization is achieved through flash, tunnel or chamber pasteurization. Cold sterilization using membrane technology ensures sterile filtration and serves to protect the product due, in part, to the low level of thermal stress. On p. 106, we present you with a glimpse of just such a system, along with its modular design capable of fitting any performance requirements.
So, at least from the standpoint of brewery technology, we can look forward to a brighter future.

  • Lydia Junkersfeld