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BRAUWELT International 4-2022

EDITORIAL - Brewing – a bridge between science and practice

One of the aspects of our industry I have really come to appreciate is that the science of brewing is so closely entwined with brewery practice. A number of projects and developments I have heard about at colleges and universities have swiftly been put into practice and have served to advance the industry. In this issue, we feature several superb examples of this:

Not just trial and error – It is well known that the malt bill has a considerable influence on the aroma of the finished beer. Thus, it is difficult to believe that no one has yet systematically studied how different types of malt influence the attributes of certain aromas in beer and how this can be applied in quality management and product development. M. Féchir and his colleagues, who also recently received the Ludwig Narziss Award for Brewing Science for their related publication in the scientific journal BrewingScience, provide insight into this topic on page 222.

Optimizing dry hopping – Hopping on the cold side of the brewery – as popular as it is nowadays –still poses many challenges for many brewers on a practical level, some of which include beer losses, a higher wastewater load, workplace safety issues, poor extraction efficiency and even “hop creep”. M. Kohles and F. Gutsch have found solutions to the problems associated with cold-side hopping, and describe them on page 230.

Inspecting performance – Around ten years ago, VLB Berlin developed its performance record for empty bottle inspectors. The primary objective was to develop a key indicator for performance detection that allows bottle inspectors to be compared regardless of bottle type and independent of location, manufacturer or model. Dr. Georg Wenk of VLB Berlin describes on page 260 how this has been implemented and where there is still great potential.

Unexplored benefits – Smart watches are exceedingly useful and are a must for those athletically inclined in their private lives, but their potential benefits for our industry have still largely been unexplored. This is unfortunate, since many tasks can be carried out more efficiently in bottling plants with the help of smart watches, which can ultimately save money. Read more about how smart watches can be utilized in our industry on page 266.

DRINKTEC 2022 – As summer gives way to autumn, I’m looking forward to the upcoming drinktec trade fair in Munich where exhibitors will once again be presenting their products and innovative designs for implementation in brewery practice. I hope to see you there!

  • Lydia Junkersfeld