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Pure malt grist | To help businesses facing the challenge of rising costs and fluctuating raw material qualities, Bühler introduces its innovative DDH Dry Dehusking technology. By replacing the hammer mill with a roller mill in mash filter applications, the new system increases brewhouse capacities, compensates for different malt qualities and allows for significant energy savings, less wear and reduced risk of explosions.

Ludwig Narziss Award for Brewing Science 2022, part 2; from left: J. Voigt, M. Féchir; L. Junkersfeld; T. Kraus-Weyermann

Malt project awarded | After the Ludwig Narziß Awards for Brewing Science had first been granted on 30 May 2022 during the EBC Congress in Madrid, the second part of the award ceremony finally took place on 8 August 2022, at the Guest Centre of Malzfabrik Weyermann in Bamberg – this time in the presence of all authors.

Dry cracks in the ground on a field of spring barley

Without surplus into new harvest | The supply of spring malting barley in the EU is assessed quite differently. What is certain is that the market is entering the new season without any surpluses from the old harvest.

(from left:) Frank Braun, Michael Féchir and Lydia Junkersfeld at the presentation of the 8th Ludwig Narziß Award for Brewing Science

Malt publication awarded | The Ludwig Narziß Award for Brewing Science was granted for the 8th time during the 38th EBC Congress at the end of May 2022. For the first time, the winning publication came from the field of malt research. The previous winning entries came from hop research, yeast research and the field of microbiology.

Group photo of the authors of this article (from left to right): Walter König, Dr. Klaus Kammhuber, Dr. Elisabeth Seigner and Anton Lutz

Modern hop production | Tango is the new aroma variety from the Hüll Hop Research Center that clearly mirrors Hüll’s cultivation strategy of “low input, high output”. It combines outstanding brewing quality, climate stress tolerance and optimised growth and resistance properties with the sustainability of a modern cultivar.

König, Society for Hop Research, GfH

Trend spotting | In February 2022, Walter König, Managing Director of the Gesellschaft für Hopfenforschung e.V. (Society for Hop Research; GfH) in Hüll, Germany, visited the USA and spoke with BRAUWELT International author Horst Dornbusch about his trip, German hops and the U.S. craft beer market.
Welcome to Massachusetts, Walter, and thank you for agreeing to an interview. Let me jump straight into my questions: You are the General Manager of the Society for Hop Research (GfH) in Hüll. Why are you here; and why now, on this wintery February day?

Wind turbines on a grainfield (Photo: Pascal Beckmann on Pixabay)

Heat recovery | Stopping the use of fossil fuels is more urgent than ever, but still no emission-free maltings has been constructed so far. On average, malting of barley results in a carbon footprint in the range of 100–350 kg per ton of produced malt, depending on the malt variety, the efficiencies and used fuel types. In the following article the authors from Holland Malt, The Netherlands, introduce the concept of a completely electrified kilning system powered by large-scale heatpumps.

Malin Andersson, Viking Malt; Brent Atthill, Francois Sonneville and Sanjeet Aujla (from left)

World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference | The malting industry and malting barley suppliers very much depend on the general beer output. However, the pandemic years 2020 and 2021 were a different case entirely, marked by full capacity utilisation, pull of demand, price pressure and a logistics crisis – not to mention the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference held by RMI Analytics, that brought the major players of the global supply chain together at the end of March, painted a varied picture of the challenges and opportunities.

: Dr. Reinhold Kugel in the hop garden (Photo: BarthHaas)

Unrestricted hop trade | Plant protection regulations must be harmonized internationally if global trade in foods and their ingredients is to function smoothly. This was the demand made by Dr. Reinhold Kugel, Head of Product Safety and Quality Assurance for international hop specialist BarthHaas, at a thematic session held by the SPS Committee of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva on 22 March 2022.

Mikroskopic image of gas bubble in a liquid

Development of a methodology | TU Munich is currently investigating the physics of formation of gas bubbles in liquids prone to gushing. Part 1 of this two-part series of articles describes the theoretic fundamentals and the measuring instrument developed. Part 2 presents the results of experimental studies.

Hop cones

Hop extraction | In addition to pellets and CO2 extracts, total resin extract (formerly referred to as ethanol extract) is a well-established hop product that has been utilized for decades in the production of beer. In the second article of this two-part series, the properties of total resin extract are presented in alphabetical order and, where applicable, the latest research findings are included as well.

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