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Enhancing flavour | Significant levels of geranic acid were found only in the test beer brewed with Sorachi Ace hops. This beer was brewed originally in 1984 by Sapporo Breweries Ltd. It could recently be determined that this compound has very unique characteristics, it is less odor-active but functions as an enhancer for other hop-derived flavor compounds. The following article summarises a part of the research results which have already been published in BrewingScience, 2022, issue 6: November/December.

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Withering and kilning | Depending on processes and equipment, not every malt grain experiences the same conditions during malting. Measurable differences in malt quality between the various floor layers are thus inevitable. This study investigates the extent to which these inhomogeneities also have repercussions for gelatinisation temperature of the resulting malt.

Malt grains (Tomasz Mikołajczyk on Pixabay)

Amino acids in malt | Availability of assimilable nitrogen supply is usually determined by measuring free amino nitrogen (FAN) in malt. However, amino acid composition in the resulting wort may vary substantially between barley varieties, hence impacting on yeast fermentation and beer flavor profile and stability through Strecker degradation. For optimization, and in particular when susceptible beer styles are involved, a balance of amino acid levels and composition in malt is therefore the subject of research.

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Pilot-scale study | Dry hopping is applied to produce many different beer styles with varying alcohol contents. Information about the alcohol-dependent behaviour of hop components after dosing is necessary to understand interactions and to ensure consistent beer quality. A pilot-scale study was therefore performed using standardised procedures by only varying the beer’s alcohol contents from 0.5 % to 10.5 % alcohol by volume (ABV) at constant dry hopping rate.

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Latest BarthHaas Report | It is always eagerly awaited, and on 25 July 2023 the time had come again: as part of an online press conference, hop trader BarthHaas from Nuremberg presented its report 2022/2023 with the latest figures on the world hop and world beer market.

Barley field in July

Europe | The weather conditions in spring 2023 are expected to lead to quite heterogeneous spring barley harvest results in Europe, with weak and very heterogeneous screening, cause by drought in many regions of Europe this spring. Weak protein values also characterize the first batches.

Ljubljana was the venue for this year’s International Hop Growers’ Convention

IHGC in Ljubljana | This year’s hop meeting from June 25 to 29 in Ljubljana broke all previous records: with over 80 participants from 15 countries, 36 talks and 20 posters, it was the best-attended event staged by the Scientific-Technical Commission of the International Hop Growers’ Convention (IHGC).

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15th Trends in Brewing | Since the last Trends in Brewing in 2018, our world has changed dramatically. In view of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine – with its far-reaching consequences – the title of the 15th Trends in Brewing International Malting and Brewing Symposium, held in Ghent in Belgium from 2 – 6 April 2023, was extremely fitting: Brewing in a challenging world – producing quality and affordable beers in a world with scarcity.

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Beer ageing | During the malting process, malt modification is influenced by targeted adjustment of germination parameters (technological factors). The level of precursors in the malt, formed during malting, makes a significant contribution to beer ageing. This article describes, in particular, the precursor potential, formed from non-enzymatic degradation of polysaccharides.

Malting barley field in spring

Hardly any change expected | The acreage for spring barley in Europe this year is expected to be about the same in total as last year. However, spring barley sown in autumn is becoming more and more important.

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Global service provider | In the last thirty years, with its wealth of expertise family business Schwarz Logistik in Nuremberg has earned itself an excellent reputation in hop logistics and in the transportation, storage and import and export of hop products. To mark its 40th anniversary, BRAUWELT talked to managing director Susanne Schwarz and her husband Christian Schwarz-Baumann, the man responsible for hops at Schwarz Logistik.

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