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VIT-Bier plus L. brevis is a novel rapid test for detection of beer-spoilage bacteria. It is based on fluorescently labelled gene probe technology. Using these gene probes following incubation in NBB for 1 to 2 days, all beer-spoilage lactic acid bacteria can be reliably and rapidly made visible and identified in all stages of the brewing process. Both filter feed as well as filtrate samples can be tested.

The investigations described are meant to be a contribution towards further characterisation of b-glucan precipitations from a chemical viewpoint and towards studying the extent to which they can be attacked enzymatically in order to be able to draw further technological conclusions.

This work addresses the use of an in-line, across the pipe-measuring analyzer to measure yeast cell count in brewery application. Data is presented showing the correlation between the in-line McNab cell counter and laboratory analysis including: ASBC spin-down 0-65% and Coulter counter measurements.