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New and stock machines | Buying a new bottle cleaning machine is a major investment for breweries. Accordingly, these should comply with all requirements relating to a modern machine supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty. On the one hand, reusable empties have to be cleaned flawlessly, on the other hand, economic factors such as water, energy or caustic consumption play a major role. This article provides an overview of the most important parameters to be checked.

Radegast cans in the filler (Photo: KHS)

Light, compact and convenient | The beverage can is experiencing something of a renaissance. More and more of this type of container are being sold practically all over the globe, with a rise in market shares to match. In Germany, for example, this number rose from 2.85 billion in 2017 to over 3.9 billion in 2019 (source: Statista). The forecast is for further growth. As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of filling and packaging equipment, KHS GmbH has now expanded its tried-and-tested technology for both the high- and medium-capacity ranges.

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Gently mixing products | This is a topic under perpetual discussion. Economic comparisons, in particular, form the basis for making decisions when choosing a process or when considering the investment required to implement a continuous process. Aside from economic considerations, aspects such as the duration of the process, how well it can be automated and the level of product losses as well as the costs and labor associated with cleaning and maintenance are all very important for manufacturers concerned with upholding high quality standards, since these factors affect the quality and influence the final product during the process.

Brewhouse (Photo: Ruslan Olinchuk)

Green hydrogen | A continuously growing number of companies are choosing to reduce their CO2 footprint or even achieve CO2 neutrality. For production companies, including those from the brewing sector, this often raises the question of how to provide process heat in a climate-neutral way. The use of green hydrogen in boiler systems represents a significant opportunity. As well as generating a high boiler efficiency rate of up to 98 %, its combustion is entirely CO2 neutral. The following technical report focuses on solutions using hydrogen boilers and on technical measures for safe, clean hydrogen combustion.

Innofill Can DVD can filler from KHS, installed at the traditional Apatin Brewery in 2020

Long partnership | Molson Coors is one of the biggest brewery groups in the world. The Serbian plant run by its subsidiary Apatinska Pivara Apatin has relied on technology engineered by KHS for over four decades. The long and trusting partnership between the two companies was recently further cemented by conversions to two of the brewery’s glass lines and the procurement of a KHS Innofill Can DVD can filler. As a result of these extensive modernization measures, Apatin Brewery has been able to greatly optimize its line efficiency and product quality. The traditional brewery also benefits from improved hygiene and savings in energy and media.

Concentrated impurities | Modern machines for washing bottles, with their combination of chemical, thermal and mechanical cleaning functions, ensure that containers are cleaned properly. Nevertheless, the introduction of organic and inorganic impurities into the cleaning solution derived from adhesives and labels often presents special challenges. Caustic filtration and filtration of liquid in the water zone can offer more security in achieving the desired cleaning effect.

Spirals for the vertical conveying of bottles on the filling line with infeed and discharge at different heights

Taking things to a new level | The demands made of a line layout have dramatically changed over the years. The amount of space available is now one of the most important factors when designing a new line or expanding an existing setup. Free access areas for safe and cost-efficient maintenance are also essential. The creation and use of new levels is one good way of making the best and most cost-efficient use of the available space.

The heart of the line is the ultramodern Innofill Can DVD can filler that, as here in Yibin, processes up to 90 000 0.33-liter cans or a maximum of 60 000 0.5-liter cans per hour. (photo: KHS Group)

Large-scale project | Cutting-edge filling equipment, environmentally-friendly packaging and ambitious sustainability targets: Carlsberg is one of the beverage industry’s technological pioneers. The KHS Group consistently supports the brewery in the concrete implementation of its strategies. A number of projects have recently been successfully realized in China – including the installation of two canning lines. The focus here was on a streamlined layout and production design that are to act as a role model for all of the company’s Chinese factories.

Inspection of empties | Regular verification of cleaning performance of bottle washers in breweries is important in order to ensure perfect product quality and product safety. This is the reason why the Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality, Freising, Germany, in cooperation with five breweries, validated a test series with standardised contaminated bottles. This should enable breweries to carry out their own checks.

Nongfu Spring PET bottle

Dry preform sterilization | Nongfu Spring’s latest additions to its beverage portfolio required a hyper-flexible and safe aseptic solution, able to process high- and low-acid, still and carbonated products in PET, while enabling impactful bottle designs. With four decades of supporting sensitive beverage producers worldwide, Sidel recently engineered and installed a complete aseptic packaging line, integrating the Versatile Aseptic Combi Predis™. The line helped the leading Chinese beverage player launch a breakthrough in the domestic market: sparkling Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products, aseptically bottled in PET.

The example of Senator Keg shows how you can effectively leverage market potential while exercising social responsibility (Source: KHS)

Proven partnership | The example of beer brand Senator Keg shows how you can effectively leverage market potential while exercising social responsibility. In Kenya this has proved successful with a clever strategy – and with the help of technology and service from KHS.

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