The new brewery plant of Efes, Istanbul/Turkey, has been in operation in Moscow since May 1999. It has been designed for an annual capacity of 1.25 million hl. This will be extended to about 3 million hl within the next two years. The groundwork has already been done. This ultramodern brewery has already been visited by participants in a seminar which took place in Moscow at the end of March 2000.

Some 30 years ago, the Turkish Efes Group began operation in the first two brewery plants in Istanbul and Izmir. Today, the Group produces more than 9 million hl of beer in Turkey and in other countries. 77.5 million US dollars were invested in the first building phase in Moscow where 350 people, including 90 in the technical and 34 in the filling section, are currently employed.

Did luck have anything to do with it? Foster’s Shanghai Beer won the Monde Selection Gold Medal at the World Selection 2000 awards ceremony in Luxembourg. The brew from one of China’s largest and best-known cities has been a favourite among the 13 million residents of Shanghai for decades, according to Foster’s. Dating back to 1936, the brand is establishing itself as an international beer brand capitalising on the appeal of Shanghai. Monde Selection which was founded in 1961 is an independent international institute concerned with testing the quality of products from all over the world.

Kaltenberg Castle Brewery, which is owned by HRH Luitpold Prince of Bavaria, has signed a consultancy contract with the Wuming Brewery in Zoucheng, Shandong Province, south-east of Beijing. The Wuming Brewery, which was founded 15 years ago, has an output of two million hl beer annually - and rising. Kaltenberg Castle Brewery has been engaged in know how transfer for more than 20 years. According to Kaltenberg Castle Brewery, the consultancy contract represents a first step towards a licensing agreement for Kaltenberg brands because it provides the potential licensor with the necessary technological means for the pro-duction of a high quality product. Negotiations for a licensing agreement between Kaltenberg Castle Brewery and Wuming Brewery will begin in the autumn.

Miller Brewing International has reached a licence agreement with the Efes Beverage Group to brew and market Miller Genuine Draft in Turkey. The Efes Beverage Group is the market leader in Turkey with an estimated 77% market share. The Efes Beverage Group owns eight breweries and four malting facilities in four countries. It also owns and operates five Coca-Cola franchises in southern Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

Although the DB Group’s independent advisers had claimed that Asia Pacific Breweries’ offer for the rest of the shares was too low, Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) received acceptances from almost 4,000 DB Group shareholders, totalling 17 million shares. Thus APB raised its stake from 58% to 75%.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said that South Korea will start genetically modified organism (GMO) labelling of corn, soybean and bean sprouts in March 2001. The state-run National Agricultural Product Quality Management Service would be in charge of assessing GMOs in the three products singled out for labelling. GMO levels of less than 5% in agricultural products would be considered GMO-free.

Associated Breweries and Distillers have introduced San Miguel Pale Pilsen in the market with sales in Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore. The beer is packaged in 650ml bottles and 500ml cans. The market for San Miguel Pale Pilsen is believed to be 50,000 dozen-cases. In Banagalore, Associated Breweries is initially targeting a sales volume of 15,000 cases.

The Warren Group, which has interests in tea gardens, has announced plans to diversify into the brewing and hospitality industries through its associate Darjeeling Plantation Industries Ltd. (DPIL). DPIL has applied for necessary licences in two states for the production of beer but the chairman Vinay K. Goenka would not disclose the names of the states.

Kirin Brewery Co. ended a 10-year contract with San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong at the end of last year under which San Miguel produced Kirin’s lager beer. Kirin concluded that the demand for its beer would not recover following the region’s economic slump and decline in the number of Japanese tourists. Kirin will continue to sell its beer in Hong Kong by exporting it from Japan.

In March, 80s tycoon Alan Bond (see Brauwelt International 1/2000) was released from prison.

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