06 December 2022

MEBAK method compendium online by 2023

For over 50 years the Central European Commission for Brewing Analysis (MEBAK®) has published methods of analysis for raw ingredients, wort, beer and beer-based beverages.

Previously, all findings were published in book form; since 2021, however, an online methods database has been provided in German. A good year later, an English version is now to be launched at the start of 2023. This means that all methods from the volumes ‘Water’, ‘Raw materials’, ‘Wort’, ‘Beer and mixed beverages’, ‘Sensory analysis’ and ‘Monitoring brewhouse operations’ are now available online at www.mebak.org/en. The chapters on Microbiology and packaging will soon follow.

In order to gain full access to the database, various subscription models can be taken out directly online. Companies can also book a multiuser subscription or an IP range for uncomplicated access to the methods database. There are special conditions for trainees, apprentice master brewers and students at college and university. The methods are not only used for assistance with quality assurance, but are also always an important source of information when it comes to correctly interpreting analysis data and understanding interdependencies.

The methods database offers subscribers a number of advantages, including a full text search and consistent access to the latest version of a method. Internal links and references are also logically interconnected, making access even easier and more comfortable for the user. Furthermore, methods can now be updated any time without having to revise an entire book.

MEBAK’s book programme will continue to exist and focus on certain key topics. This encompasses the existing guidelines on filtration, membrane filtration, brewhouse evaluation and beverage dispensing systems, plus the ‘Microbreweries compendium’, a full guide to planning and operation for the proprietors of craft breweries. The books in the existing method compendium will not be reprinted, as with immediate effect all methods will be published online only.

MEBAK has been supported throughout the entire process from planning to implementation by Fachverlag Hans Carl who shall continue to act as sales partner for online subscriptions and the book programme. “We’re extremely proud that we’ve been able to accompany MEBAK through this process and shall carry on as their sales partner. This is a great confirmation of the trusting partnership we’ve enjoyed over the past few years,” says Michael Schmitt, managing director of Fachverlag Hans Carl.

“With this new online database, we’ve now taken an elaborate step that’s long been necessary and of which we’re very proud. It must be pointed out here that MEBAK is made up of volunteers who’ve sacrificed much of their free time to help achieve this major accomplishment. In this, we were supported by Wirth & Horn Informationssysteme and, in particular, by Fachverlag Hans Carl. We greatly appreciated the creative and competent professionalism of our two partners and shall continue to do so in the future,” states Dr. Martin Zarnkow, chairman of MEBAK.

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