22 March 2021

New yeast nutrition for reliable and clean fermentation

Well-balanced | On 16 March 2021, AB Vickers, part of the Lallemand Brewing Business Unit and a global leader in the field of brewing process aids, released its new yeast nutrient solution YeastLife O™.

It is the result of intensive Research & Development work on fermentation processes, with attention to the yeast nutritional aspect of sugar-based fermented beverages including hard seltzer, cider, mead and high gravity beer. On top of solving nutritional requirements to avoid sluggish and stuck fermentation, it has been formulated to avoid off flavor and improve mouthfeel.

With a 100 % organic nitrogen source and exclusively bio-available vitamins &minerals, YeastLife O™ is suitable for use in organic alcoholic beverages. It represents a necessary addition to Lallemand Brewing’s portfolio of yeast nutrient solutions, which already includes Servomyces™ and YeastLife Extra™. All three products have been formulated to cover the wide array of stressful conditions that brewers may have to face during fermentation processes (yeast re-pitching, propagation, high gravity brewing, poor wort….) and to ensure consistent fermentation performance.

YeastLife O™ is a pure blend of yeast autolysates (specific inactive Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with specific characteristics in amino acids composition, bio-available vitamins and minerals, and fractions rich in mannoproteins. It is available in 2 kg sachets with a recommended pitch rate of 40g/hl to 250 g/hl, depending on application.

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