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21 October 2021

ISBT Manuals and Guidelines

ISBT | The ISBT Connection added a new, regular section to their website where they communicate new publications as well as publications that are being started.

The newest guideline is the Rheometry Guideline. It focuses on a method that includes all steps required to obtain reproducible and comparable measurement results for Newtonian liquids and is available at www.isbt.com/resources-manuals-guidelines.asp. Manuals and guidelines are free to current members of ISBT. Non-members may purchase the publications a la carte using the order form at the bottom of that page.

People who are interested in participating in the development of a new publication or review of an existing one have to be ISBT members in order to contact the Chair or Subcommittee Chair in charge of the working group. A current project is a guideline about water quality. This guideline will look at the various specifications of ingredient water across critical agencies, compare them to the ranges of source water quality available and develop a “plug and play” type of unit operation model with redundancies built it. Using this approach, any producer can just evaluate their acceptable ingredient water target spec, source water quality and assemble using the Model the appropriate level of treatment using current commercial treatment options. Members interested in participating in the development of this new publication should contact the Water Quality and Treatment Technical Committee Chair, Sanjay Srivatsa.