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Residual materials

22 October 2020

Bühler GmbH

The Bühler Group has set itself the ambitious goal of reducing waste as well as water and energy consumption in its customers’ value chains by 50 % by 2025.

Their newly built Application Center in Beilngries offers the perfect platform to achieve this goal, as well as to enhance customer cooperation.

The three process lines cover grain handling and storage, malt production and raw material processing for brewing purposes. Therefore, the malting line, with its capacity of 1.5 t barley, represents a complete malting process, and there is also the ability to test different machines – such as mills – against each other.

All of this means that the facility offers brewers, maltsters and breeders the opportunity to optimize existing processes, test new equipment, recipes and varieties and meet the challenges of sustainability. The center enables the development of internal and external research projects on an industrial scale, allowing the transferability of laboratory results and verification of research. The laboratory is also equipped for maximum versatility, which allows the extensive analysis of customers’ products.

Further information regarding the Application Center is available under: www.buhlergroup.com/Application-Center-Beilngries

Bühler GmbH
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