02 June 2010

Compact measurement for liquid analysis

This new development was intended to take the place of the successful and internationally established first dTRANS …01 series. With extended functions in the same compact housing, the JUMO dTRANS pH/CR/AS/Ci 02 instrument series now covers all the measurement variables. The mounting dimensions for the panel-mounting instruments are 96 mm x 48 mm x 90 mm (W x H x D) and these instruments are also available in a surface-mounted housing, with IP 67 protection.

The new instrument series is available in 4 variants:

• JUMO dTRANS pH 02 – pH-measurement with glass and ISFET sensors, redox measurement, NH3 measurement;

• JUMO dTRANS CR 02 – conductivity measurement with conductive two-pole and four-pole sensors, resistance measurement in ultra-pure water;

• JUMO dTRANS AS 02 – 0/4 - 20 mA signal input for sensors with a standard signal output, such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hydrogen peroxide sensors, level probes, pressure measuring instruments;

• JUMO dTRANS Ci 02 – conductivity measurement with inductive sensors.

The high-contrast, backlit, graphical LC display makes the measurement values easy to read. They can be displayed as a digital, numerical value, as a bar graph and as a graphical trend curve.

Thanks to the plain text navigational structure, operating the instrument is simple and safe. The instrument can be set to many European languages (including Russian). There is a user-friendly PC setup program for easy configuration and data exchange.

In addition to the measurement input for an analysis variable, the instruments have a temperature input for Pt100, Pt1000 or NTC as standard. Besides, there are always two freely-programmable changeover relays available. On top of the standard inputs and outputs up to three more input or output modules can be connected.

The programmable higher order control functions are P, PI, PD and PID action (pulse length and pulse frequency output). Other possibilities include limit monitoring and modulating controls for opening and closing valves.

Thanks to this modularity, multi-channel measurements are possible, such as the simultaneous measurement of the pH value, temperature and chlorine concentration, or two pH or two conductivity measurements. An integrated math module allows the input signals to be linked.

Digital interfaces such as PROFIBUS-DP and Modbus (RS 422/485) are available for connection to a higher-level control system.

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