Source: Anton Paar
07 October 2011

Turbidity in Plain View with HazeQC

A solution for the measurement of turbidity in liquids, the HazeQC ME turbidity measuring module, is now provided by Anton Paar as part of a new modular measuring system. The approved ratio method with measurement at three angles (transmission 0°, scattered light at 25° and 90°) is used to prevent the influence of particle size on the turbidity value. The measurement is carried out at a wavelength of 650 nm ±30 nm (MEBAK- and EBC-compliant) in a cell with adjustable constant temperature. This turbidity measuring module expands Anton Paar’s product portfolio and adds a further important parameter for analyzing liquid samples - providing the same high quality expected of Anton Paar products.

Accurate and traceable turbidity measurement:

• Three-angle turbidity measurement (transmission 0°, scattered light at 25° and 90°) at 650 nm according to MEBAK and EBC;

• approved ratio method eliminates the influence of particle size on the turbidity value;

• Highly accurate Peltier-thermostatted cell (0.01 °C stability).

Combinations for up to 7 parameters possible:

• Up to 7 parameters in one measuring cycle if used in combination with PBA-B (density, alcohol, beer color, pH, CO2, O2, turbidity);

• combination with all Generation M systems, with Alcolyzer Plus Beer, with Alcolyzer Plus Spirits or with the Beer Analyzing System (Alcolyzer Plus Beer, density meter, sample changer);

• all measurements directly out of the bottle or can, no degassing required if using a PFD Filling Device.

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