09 November 2012

New and optimized semi-hermetic CO2 compressors

In many regions, the natural refrigerant CO2 has become an established alternative to conventional HFC refrigerants. GEA Refrigeration Technologies now presents an extended and optimized range of semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors for subcritical as well as transcritical CO2 applications.

An entirely new model is the HG46CO2T semi-hermetic 6-cylinder reciprocating compressor, which is currently one of the largest semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor on the market for transcritical CO2 applications.

This compressor is characterized by displacements from 21.8 to 30.2 m3/h and a very good COP (coefficient of performance) due to a volumetric and isotropic efficiency of more than 0.7 for medium-temperature cooling.

It is based on the already available 4-cylinder GEA Bock HG34CO2T model – the first GEA Bock compressor that was specifically developed for the requirements of the refrigerant CO2.

Since its market launch, the compressor has been used in classical refrigeration applications and in numerous industrial heat pumps, also with maximum COP.

The GEA Bock CO2 compressor range will be rounded off by the efficiency-optimized version of the subcritical compressor series HG12e. The compact, semi-hermetic 2-cylinder reciprocating compressors in combination with transcritical applications can be used outstandingly in low-temperature applications.

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