Searle gas cooler
07 December 2012

Condensers for CO2-cooling-systems

GEA has developed a new series of condensers especially for employment in transcritical CO2 systems. They are designed for gas pressures up to 120 bar and offer various structural characteristics to enable effective operation under high temperatures and pressures. For example, the heat exchanger bundles have expansion gaps, and the tubes have been extended to increase system durability.

Since the extremely high gas-inlet temperatures encountered here give rise to the risk of great thermal stresses, the heat exchanger fins have been segmented to reduce the mechanical burden on the heat exchanger and increase the thermal performance. Leak and strength tests take place before delivery, which assures great operational safety and reliability.

The gas coolers are available with multiple bundle configurations with fan diameters ranging from 630 to 990 mm with high efficiency EC models available.

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