Giulio Mengoli (Photo: Romulo Passos)
23 July 2019

New General Manager Giulio Mengoli

SACMI Group | Since 1st of June, Giulio Mengoli has been the new General Manager of the SACMI Group. His appointment was made official by the Board of Directors of the parent company, SACMI Imola.

The meeting with SACMI came in November 2018 and for 7 months Mengoli acted as General Manager of SACMI Business Units, immediately working alongside the present management to define the governance and strategic planning of the Group.

A native of Padua, 49 years old, Giulio Mengoli has a long international experience, having held top positions in France, the United States, Brazil, Sweden and Italy. Mengoli spent 5 years with General Electric and was 15 years at the top levels of Tetra Pak.

He receives the baton from Claudio Marani, who has been leading the Group since 2016.

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