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07 March 2024

Latest BrewingScience issue out now

Barley and Ca na fruit | In February 2024, the latest BrewingScience issue was published online. This issue focuses on barley and the tropical Ca na fruit. The scientific online-journal BrewingScience features peer-reviewed scientific papers with impact on the brewing industry. The brief article abstracts below provide a good initial overview of the content.

The latest BrewingScience issue contains the following articles:

Technological possibilities for transferring the colour of dark barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) into mash and wort to produce beers with a reddish hue

Is it possible to produce beer with a red coloured hue from coloured barley? Within this study by Doris Häge and her co-authors the influence of mash pH, wort boiling and hop addition were investigated on an experimental level. While the results of the study do not provide guidance for brewing a red beer, this does not seem impossible. Further research may allow the production of coloured beers within the framework of the purity law. (article)

The effect of pectinase addition on clarity and quality of Ca na (Elaeocarpus hygrophilus) wine

In the article "The effect of pectinase addition on clarity and quality of Ca na (Elaeocarpus hygrophilus) wine" by Nguyen T.N. Giang and T.V. Khai, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, the authors describe a research approach to optimise the processing design for the food industry, especially for the wine or alcoholic beverage industry. The focus is on the ideal hydrolysis conditions with pectinase enzymes using the example of the production of high-quality wine from the tropical Ca na fruit. (article)

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