20 June 2012

Malt innovation meets brew innovation

By now it’s old news that American craft brewers have become the world’s greatest innovators in beer-making. It is truly unbelievable what they manage to concoct in their brew houses these days – from the most sublime to the most extreme beers. In the United States, there seem to be no limits to the art of brewing any longer. On the retail shelves and on taps in bars and brewpubs, the vast variety of “made-in-America” beer creations run the gamut from wheat beer with mandarin oranges to Belgian Lambic with cranberries, Bock beer aged on cacao nibs, authentic medieval Gruitbier, “Double” India Pale Ale, “American-Style” Russian Imperial Stout, and velvety-smooth, high-alcohol, aperitif-like “Barley Wines” and “Wheat Wines.” Equally various are the raw materials used. Read more about one such specialty beer, a Wheat Wine brewed with floor-malted malt at Brookly Brewery, New York City, by Garrett Oliver, Horst Dornbusch and Thomas

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