21 August 2013

Production of fermented kvass malt

Industrial production of kvass and the demand for the concentrate used to prepare it are skyrocketing in Russia and the Ukraine. Fermented kvass malt is necessary for kvass production and consists of briefly germinated and stewed rye malt. This malt has been subjected to an exceptionally long anaerobic stewing phase. This phase serves to completely liquefy the endosperm in addition to promoting strong lactic acid formation. Despite a low kilning temperature, the malt possesses a unique aroma reminiscent of the crust of “Schwarzbrot” or “black bread”, a type of sourdough bread made from a mix of rye and wheat common in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The malt also has a pleasant sweet and sour flavor. The processes employed in Russia and the Ukraine to produce kvass malt are described below.

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