30 June 2014

New Analytica-EBC method available

A new method has been published in the Analytica-EBC, on the determination of ethanol concentrations in NAB and LAB, no-alcohol and low-alcohol beers. The method is based on the detection of ethanol by flame ionisation following headspace injection in gas liquid chromatography (GLC).

The method can be applied to alcohol free beers and/or low alcohol beers containing a maximum of 0.12 percent ABV. Beers with higher levels of ethanol can be analysed provided they are diluted to bring them within the specified range. The method described is specific to ethanol and shows no interference if other alcohols are present.

With the trend towards no-alcohol beers which are significantly lower in alcohol than the less than 0.5 percent ABV frequently required by the legislator, this method can contribute to user-friendly and accurate quality control procedures.

For more information log on to www.analytica-ebc.com.

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