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05 May 2017

Maximise profit, minimise costs, improve sustainability

Sidel is helping beverage producers to maximise cost efficiency while simultaneously improving sustainability with Eco Booster, a service suitably developed for customers already operating Sidel blowers. Eco Booster, part of the Sidel Services portfolio, can provide measurable savings by reducing the consumption of materials, electricity and compressed air.

"By keeping the use of PET material to an absolute minimum and doing the same with consumption of electrical power and compressed air, Sidel can help beverage producers to make significant savings, minimise running costs and achieve a very fast return on investment (ROI)," explains Samuel Le Guen, Global Maintenance and Line Improvement Director at Sidel. "When it comes to energy efficiency, the blower often offers the biggest opportunity for improvement, accounting for up to 70 per cent of the total line power consumption," he adds.

The Eco Booster portfolio comprises five modules: the Eco Audit is performed on the customer’s blower to analyse production conditions and energy consumption, the Eco Process module provides carefully calculated adjustments and process improvements proposing specific upgrades, the Eco Heating module involves the optimisation of the heating profile with less installed power, the Eco Air module reduces the electricity consumption through the installation of an Air Recovery Kit, leveraging on re-use of up to 40 per cent compressed air during production, and the Eco Packaging solutions enable producers to transform the shape of their packaging while improving its appeal, performance and safety.