The Contipure AseptBloc system meets the most stringent of hygienic design criteria
05 February 2020

3-A certification for the Contipure AseptBloc

Krones | In the field of aseptic filling, Krones’ portfolio includes specialised machines for the various sterilisation techniques and products involved.

The Contipure AseptBloc DN and DA systems already sterilise the preforms with gaseous hydrogen peroxide, ensuring that the aseptic status is maintained at every step of the process.

The Contipure AseptBloc series has now received the 3-A certificate of the independent 3-A Sanitary Institute. This accolade is above all of major importance for deployment of the machines in the North American market, to allow dairy products to be bottled there in the cold chain.

The 3-A certificate confirms, for example, that the systems exhibit a particularly smooth surface, or incorporate specially certified Evoguard valves, filters or sight glasses. This ensures that the risk of end-product recontamination is reduced to an absolute minimum. In future, all Contipure AseptBloc systems are permitted to carry the 3-A certificate, provided they exhibit the appropriate design features.

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