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Yeast cells (Foto: Müller-Schollenberger, HSWT)
13 August 2020

Collaboration: Premium Yeast Selection for Premium IPA

Lallemand | Expanding even further the “We Brew With You™” concept, LalBrew® Verdant IPA yeast is the result of a collaboration between Lallemand Brewing and Verdant Brewing Co, a craft brewery focusing on IPAs and modern hop-forward styles.

The ambition of this collaboration was driven by the will of a continuous effort of Verdant Brewing Co. Cornwall, UK, brewers to improve and give consistency to their IPA and for Lallemand Brewing, Montreal, Canada, to broaden its expertise in regards to IPA fermentation management. After a long screening process of the brewery’s “house” yeast, Verdant IPA was selected for its performance and unique sensory characteristics when used to create hoppy styles. Verdant Brewing Co. value this strain as being totally unique and suitable for a broad range of IPAs. Moreover, several breweries around the world have conducted very successful pilot brewing trials with LalBrew Verdant IPA. The availability of this yeast in a dry and stable form will give brewers great opportunities to create diversity in their IPAs.

Framed within the LalBrew Premium Series product line, LalBrew Verdant IPA represents a new addition to Lallemand Brewing's portfolio of solutions to enhance flavor and allow the brewer to achieve desired characteristics in their product
LalBrew Verdant IPA is a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae available in 500g and 11g sachets, with a recommended pitch rate of 50-100g per hl of wort, which is sufficient to achieve a minimum of 2.5-5 million viable cells/ml.