18 June 2024

Raider of the lost art of farmhouse brewing

Historical brewing techniques  | The headline of this article evokes in most readers images of Indiana Jones hunting for archaeological mysteries like the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail or the Dial of Destiny. But it is not intended merely to attract readers’ attention. Wouldn’t it be like finding the Holy Grail if a brewer were to discover new yeast strains besides the bottom and top-fermenting strains we have been familiar with up to now! And wouldn’t it also be very similar to the Dial of Destiny if a brewer were to travel back in time to make beer as it was done hundreds of years ago? In his book “Historical Brewing Techniques – The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing”, Lars Marius Garshol embarks on an exciting journey into the realm of farmhouse brewing.

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