The BRAUWELT International archive is continually updated. With 40,000 entries, it offers comprehensive documentation of the brewing and beverage sector and contains all articles published in BRAUWELT International since 1995.

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Fachverlag Hans Carl cooperates with the major database provider Genios (German Business Information). We update the contributions in our BRAUWELT International trade journal monthly on their portal.
Genios (German Business Information) makes 1200 databases under available. They provide information about “what’s happening in the industry”. Our trade journals “BRAUWELT” and “BRAUWELT International” are also included in this pool. The search term “Inlandsabsatz” (domestic sales) can be inputted directly via “Fachzeitschriften/Suche” (Trade Journals/Search). It will be automatically searched in all fields of the individual databases. Using the hit list, the searched article can be selected and purchased (with or without registration).
Using „All source lists/show all source lists – search source”, the BRAUWELT and BRAUWELT International database can be directly selected.
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