Mr Unting will replace Managing Director Klaus Niemsch at Stabifix who will retire in 2013. Photo: Stabifix
17 August 2012

Jan Mika Unting to join Stabifix

Stabifix Brauerei-Technik KG announced the appointment of Jan Mika Unting to the position of Managing Director for Sales & Technology. Mr Unting, who will join Stabifix on 1 November 2012, will replace Klaus Niemsch, who will retire in 2013.

On completing his brewing-technology studies at Technische Universität Berlin / VLB, including a research semester at Napier University Edinburgh, Mr Unting got his first business experience as sales manager for Bartelmann Hygienetechnik for the German speaking markets. In this role he developed a strong relationship with the brewing industry and benefited from a two year business administration education at Diessel.

In 1998 he joined ISP, where he developed his career through various positions with increasing functional, regional and team leading responsibilities, finally gaining the Global Business Unit Director position for the Polyclar-PVPP business.

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