07 December 2012

New Managing Director at Ziemann

Thomas Lehmann has been Managing Director of the Ziemann Group in Ludwigsburg since 2011 and will leave the company of his own accord at the end of 2012. His successor, Karl Butzmann, will be the new Managing Director for the Sales and Marketing divisions as of 1 January 2013. The company has been trading under a new company structure as Ziemann International GmbH since August 2012.

Thomas Lehmann had an important role in the restructuring process of the company. "I have achieved my goal of leading the company towards a new, safe future by establishing Ziemann International GmbH," explained Thomas Lehmann. Peter van der Burg of Ziemann thanked Thomas Lehmann for his achievements: "With his unusually strong commitment, he has convinced our customers that the capabilities of our company have not been compromised, thus regaining their trust."

Karl Butzmann has many years of experience in managing brewery plant constructions, which will be of value for his new leadership position at Ziemann. His detailed knowledge of the business sector will help him continue the re-alignment and re-positioning of the company in 2013.

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