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12 November 2021

Guidelines for Hop Buying 2021

Hopmarket |The Hopsteiner Guidelines for Hop Buying 2021 have been completed and are now available on our homepage www.hopsteiner.com/de.

In addition to the health aspects of the Corona pandemic, we are now increasingly concerned with changes in the supply and transport chains. Breweries are slowly adjusting to holding larger quantities of hop products in on-site warehouses.

Growing conditions for the 2021 crop were varied. While spring and summer in Europe were cool and wet, record high temperatures prevailed in the Pacific Northwest growing regions in the United States. Despite all the fears and concerns during the growing season, the overall harvest can be considered good. The 2021 crop will continue to build stock worldwide.

The graphs display our current estimate for world alpha acid production and alpha values over time.

World Alpha Acids Production 2018 – 2021
Alpha Values over time 2007 – 2021

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