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14 October 2019

Hopflow vs. CO2-Extract

Newsletter, October 2019 | The demand for a very easy-flowing CO2-Extract which flows well enough to be dosed at low temperatures has now been met by the creation of our Hopsteiner HopFlow.

A special and particularly gentle processing method guarantees the preservation of the high quality of the freshly harvested hops all the way through to the finished product.

HopFlow is especially noteworthy for assuring the use of all the hop ingredients which are most important for brewers. Both the hop oil content and its composition remain virtually unchanged by the HopFlow manufacturing process.

Hopsteiner HopFlow

Moreover, the formation of iso-alpha acid as a result of possibly being subjected to excessively high temperatures can be avoided by implementing the special Hopsteiner method.

We made brewing trials in our pilot brewery in order to evaluate the quality of our product. To this end we brewed Pilsener beers, bittering them either with HopFlow or with standard CO2-Extract from the same variety and batch and, ultimately, compared them. The final analytical results were identical. In fact, the tasting panel slightly preferred the beer brewed with HopFlow.

The trial results show that the excellent flow characteristics of Hopsteiner HopFlow make it very user friendly. It corresponds to the quality of a standard CO2-Extract and can be easily dosed manually and in small volumes. By using Hopsteiner HopFlow, you can avoid having to warm up the extract in order to make it flow well and you can also re-close and re-open the container several times. This makes the product particularly interesting for craft brewers.