17 September 2021

AB InBev launches Natural Light vodka

USA | Ah well, so AB-InBev has moved into spirits too. Under the brand name Natural Light, its beer brand, it introduced three lemonade-flavoured Natural Light vodka expressions at the end of August 2021: Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade and Black Cherry Lemonade. They all come with a relatively low 30 percent ABV.

All the world is doing infused or flavoured vodkas. But, as far as we know, no one has used a beer brand to launch a vodka extension yet. Natural Light, affectionately also known as Natty Light, is AB-InBev’s reduced-calorie beer brand, which it first introduced to American drinkers in 1977. It is usually priced as a budget beer.

According to the company, Natural Light is the sixth best-selling beer in the United States.

Satisfaction or money back

AB-InBev is so confident that consumers will love this new vodka that they are offering a money-back guarantee. The two-week refund period expired on 13 September 2021.

Natural Light vodkas are available in both 750 ml and 50 ml mini bottles. The rebate offer was up to USD 14.99 for the large bottle, which gives you an idea of the price you should expect to be paying for a bottle.

Let’s just say, these vodkas will not come cheap. For comparison, a 750 ml bottle of Smirnoff Pineapple Twist vodka retails at USD 12.99 at Binny’s in Chicago.

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