05 August 2021

The future of draught beer

Europe | As the light at the end of the tunnel slowly becomes brighter and vaccination programmes progress, restaurants and bars can once again look forward to opening their doors to thirsty patrons. However, we should not forget that breweries and the hospitality industry have suffered greatly during the pandemic, above all brewers’ draught beer sales.

As a result, Micro Matic, a leading provider of dispensing solutions, has already seen increasing demand for alternative solutions in a number of areas. Brewers and publicans are calling for more reliable, yet simplified dispensing technology, an expanded selection of draught beers, in addition to other beverages served on tap, such as non-alcoholic beers and hard seltzers.

Micro Matic is seeing a clear trend towards smaller kegs in many countries, because they are lighter and easier to handle with ergonomic benefits for all who work along the supply chain. Smaller kegs are also perfect for at-home consumption. Moreover, the latest dispensing innovations enable bars and restaurants to offer a greater variety of draft beers.

A study prepared by Dr Johannes Tippmann, TUM at Weihenstephan, examines these trends. Micro Matic commissioned this study. If you would like a copy, please write to .

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