07 May 2001

Heady tipple

They gave us the sweaty palms and knee-trembling sort of cliff-hangers - and we judge from experience having suffered through the best cliff-hangers produced by Hollywood ever. Actually, it was a bit like a re-run of the street-emptying Penelope-Ulysses saga. Since September, the auction for the Seagram wines and spirits portfolio has kept potent suitors of the likes of Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi, Brown-Forman, Allied Domecq and Vin & Sprit on their toes. While the best and finest from Central Casting competed for Penelope’s favour, she or rather France’s Vivendi, a media, telecommunications and utilities conglomerate, feigned disinterest and patiently waited for the right one (read most cash rich one) to allow into her bed chamber.15 billion in cash on a debt free basis..

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