18 April 2024

4th VLB SAFB to take place in May

Berlin | The 4th VLB Symposium on Acidic Fermented Non-Alcoholic Beverages (SAFB) takes place from 7–8 May 2024 in Berlin, Germany.

Acidic fermented beverages containing low or no alcohol have been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. There is a large number of traditional products such as kombucha, water kefir or sour beers, which are often produced by mixed cultures of yeasts and bacteria, with the latter usually being responsible for a beverage-specific acidic character. In addition to the complexity of the underlying fermentation processes, beverage manufacturers are often faced with a multitude of other challenges, such as inadequate manufacturing practice, unclear regulations and unachievable stability properties during storage. The last few years have shown that there is still need for knowledge and clarification in many areas, which is also reflected in a noticeable increase in international research activities.

The current status of ongoing research, manufacturing practice and regulations will once again be discussed at the symposium. This will provide a platform on which the associated innovation potential and challenges will be considered from the various perspectives of research institutions, SMEs and the manufacturing and supply industry. The accompanying trade exhibition and the evening program not only offer the opportunity to taste various fermentation products, but also to exchange ideas and network with the various stakeholders.

The following topics will be discussed at the symposium:

  • beverage production, regulation, claims, categorization, reproducibility & shelf life;
  • ingredients, filtration, kombucha;
  • business development, sour nablab, sensory;
  • water kefir, r&d, sweetening alternatives, scoby, microbiome;
  • stabilization, trends, probiotics, bacilli, mineralization.

Interested parties can register via the event page, a hotel contingent has been set up.

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