ADVERTORIAL 17 August 2023

Playing with tradition reload: Hopsteiner Hopoils - Type Essential

Technical support | Type Essential are used before or during filtration and replace late hop additions in the brewhouse. A typical "late hop" and/or "dry hop" aroma is the result.

Soluble aroma substances are enriched and hop aroma substances are reduced for the special character of a variety. The yield is excellent and the hop aroma is floral, spicy, citrusy and fruity – without bitter substances.

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Variety specific: Fruity - Citrusy - Spicy - Floral - Sugarlike - Miscellaneous

Late & dry hop aroma

Application: Addition into the storage tank, ideally before the last filtration step

Highlight: Enriched fractions of beer soluble aroma compounds of a specific hop variety.

Dosage of the standard dilution: 1 - 40 ml/hl

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Product advantages of hop oils

  • No application of solid plant material, therefore less beer loss
  • Reduction of hop dosage towards the end of boiling / whirlpool or during dry hopping
  • Unlimited flexibility in the brewing process, especially in high-gravity brewing
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • High yields due to excellent solubility of aroma components.

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