ADVERTORIAL 16 March 2023

United States hop production yield & acreage down for 2022

Hop market | On Dec. 19, 2022, the US Department of Agriculture reported that US hop production for 2022, in the States of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon decreased 12% yielding 101 million pounds vs 115.6 million pounds in 2021.

Total acreage decreased slightly by 2% to 59,785 acres from 60,872 acres in 2021. The hop yield per acre for 2022 was 1,694 pounds/acre vs 1,900 pounds per acre for 2021. Washington State produced 71% of the crop followed by Idaho at 16% and Oregon at 13%. The lower yield is believed to be due to a colder than normal spring followed by a heatwave that hit the area June 24 – 29, 2022, with temperatures ranging from 105 – 115 °F.

In addition to the three main hop growing States of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, almost every other State in the USA are growing hops, although most of these States are growing less than 30 acres. According to Hop Growers of America three States are growing more than 100 acres. Michigan grew 380 acres in 2022 down from 810 acres five years ago. New York 300 acres down from 400 acres five years ago and Montana 197 acres. States that once grew over 100 acres have reduced their acreage significantly over the years. Wisconsin grew 40 acres last year down from 297 acres just three years ago. Colorado grew 10 acres last year down from 147 acres four years ago. California grew 50 acres last year down from 130 acres three years ago. Non-Pacific Northwest hop growing acreage decreased by 44% over the last five years from 2,500 acres to 1,392 acres.

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