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Hopsteiner hop oils

Innovation & Research | Research and development are in our DNA. We think of hops holistically and challenge tried and tested methods in order to create something new. Our hop oils impart aroma, thereby simplyfing the brewing process and naturally influencing the beer flavor.

Advantages of hop oils:

  • no application of solid plant material, therefore less beer loss;
  • no input of nitrates or microbes;
  • unlimited flexibility in the brewing process;
  • reduction of the carbon footprint;
  • high yields due to excellent solubility of aroma components.

Type Noble

Specially developed for use before or during filtration and replace late hop additions in the brewhouse. The result is a "late hop aroma".

Type Dry

Usually added during fermentation and provide a typical "dry hopping aroma". Compared to conventional dry hopping with pellets, a better yield of aroma substances can be achieved.

Type Essential

Used before or during filtration and replace late hop additions in the brewhouse - a typical "late hop" and/or "dry hop" aroma is the result.

Type Hoptanical

Used before or during filtration and combines hop and plant aromas. The resultis a diversification that knows no bounds and ranges from fruity to herbal.

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