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14 November 2019

Technical details

The following technical information (print / online) serves as an aid for the preparation of your advertising material. Further information can be found in our media data or contact the publisher.

Technical information print

Journal format / printing and binding methods
DIN A 4, 210 x 297 mm (width x height)
(3 mm bleed per gate edge), 216 x 303 mm (width x height)

Type area: 185 x 275 mm (width x height)
Number of columns: 4 columns
Column width: 43 mm

Printing and binding process
Offset printing, saddle stitching

Data transmission
E-mail: anzeigen[at]hanscarl.com
Disk: CD-ROM

File formats
Adobe-PDF/X1a:2001 or Adobe-PDF/X3:2002 in CMYK mode. Writings are to be integrated. The minimum font size is 6 points. Fine serifs should be avoided. Font modifications, such as bold or italic, should not be used. Multiple master fonts and double byte fonts must not be used. Pictures are to be integrated. The quality of JPEG-compressed images is determined by the supplier.
Embedded ICC profiles are not evaluated.

Color space
The printing is done according to the Euroscale in the process standard offset printing with the basic colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Special colors are possible in consultation.

The corresponding profiles for color space conversion and control can be found on the ECI website (www.eci.org).

The digital proof must be made 1: 1 from the supplied data set and contain the Ugra / Fogra media wedge.

Upon delivery of incomplete or deviating data, we assume no liability for the printed result. Editing open data or correcting incorrectly delivered ad formats will incur additional expense that will be charged to you at cost.

Martina Wehfritz
Phone: +49 (0) 911/95285-36
E-mail: wehfritz[at]hanscarl.com


Technical information online

Informationen about banners

On rotation, your ad will randomly appear on the booked pages of brauwelt.com.

Delivery of advertising material
at least 4 working days before the start of the banner

File formats
Banner formats: jpg, gif, png, html5, iframe, javascript, standard tag.
Videos: Mp4, FLV, WMV, AVI, MPG, MPEG

File size
Files should be the recommended size of max. Do not exceed 50 KB.

Target link
A destination link (to a website or to a redirect) must be specified for each advertising medium. The link must always open in a new window. When delivering the material, be sure to use the " _blank" command.

Internal redirects are only accepted if the adressing codes are stored.
Click commands and counting pixels are possible at any time.
Depending on the system, counting differences may occur when using 3rd party ad servers. The billing basis is always the publisher's numbers.

Outlook 2007 does not support the appearance of animated GIF files. There, the first frame of the ad is displayed as a static image.

Hints for banners in the newsletter
As of Outlook 2007, only the first frame of an animated gif is displayed. Animated gifs are possible, but are not delivered here correctly. Via the link "If the newsletter is not displayed correctly, please click here", which is placed above each newsletter, the user can open an html version of the content in the browser. Here is an animated gif displayed correctly.

If you have an adserver in use you can send us a pixel and a tracking link.

Dunja Stürmer
Phone: +49 (0) 911/95285-35
E-mail: stuermer[at]hanscarl.com