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02 April 2020

Hopsteiner variety specific hop oils

Technical support | The use of essential oils has long since found its way internationally into the brewing and beverage industry. This can be observed particularly for the essential oils of hops. The numerous technological options in beverage production in principle already enable many product creations with an emphasis on hop aroma.

Then there is the entire range of varieties and the associated aroma diversity. This importance is increasingly moving into the consciousness of beverage manufacturers. Pure hop oils made from raw hops or from hop pellets, have a market potential that should not be underestimated.
In order to meet the increasing demand for variety specific hop oils, a new distillation plant was commissioned at Hopsteiner in Mainburg. When designing the equipment, special care was taken to ensure the greatest possible flexibility regarding the volume of pellets or raw hops to be processed. The often very different batch sizes and order quantities of the hop oils to be produced, exactly reflect the cross-section of our customers. Hence, a fast reaction regarding to large and to small orders is enabled by using the new plant.
The distillation process used is based on the established laboratory method for isolating hop oil when determining the hop oil content. This technology has now been transferred to the new device, but for a much larger application.
Due to the gentle process for obtaining pure hop oils, labelling as a natural hop flavouring is permitted within the framework of the applicable EU legislation.
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