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31 July 2019

Hopsteiner Breeding Activities – Germany

Hopsteiner Newsletter 08/2019 | The aims of the Hopsteiner breeding program are two fold.

We are developing new hop varieties suitable for efficient and sustainable hop growing and introduce them in both the established & dynamic Craft market. The breeding objectives are based on agronomic aspects and are bred to meet the continuously changing demands of customers, changing environment as well as innovative processing & products.

  • The brewing industry as a whole requires consistency in terms of quality, yields and alpha content, in unpredictable & challenging climate conditions. Consequently, Hopsteiner is developing more agronomically resilient varieties with established variety profiles. It is vital that existing characteristics of aroma and alpha varieties are not dramatically changed in these new varieties.
  • There are also increasing demands from the craft brewing industry, who are constantly on the lookout for new, novel and unique flavors for increasingly diverse beer styles, as well as a "story" behind the hop, with which they can engage their customers.

Hopsteiner is making headway in hop development, resulting in two separate breeding lines: crafty and classical. 

Crafty breeding line


Classical breeding line

New varieties are progressing well in trial yards, indicating there should be a good 2019 crop, with promising results.

Stay tuned for our beers at BrauBeviale.