02 May 2024

BarthHaas presents innovative water-based hop products

Nuremberg | On 17 April 2024, BarthHaas, one of the world’s leading suppliers of hop products and services, reported it is expanding its innovative PHA (Precision in Hop Aroma) product range with a series of water-based alternatives. As is the case with the entire range, the new variants enable high-quality beers and other hop-based beverages to be produced more efficiently and more profitably.

Because PHA products are added after filtration, they make it easier to produce beers with different flavors from one single production stream. “This enables breweries to diversify their product portfolio and increase product efficiency at the same time,” explains Hannes Schneeberger, Head of Sales Management at BarthHaas. “It saves time, money and resources. Breweries that use our PHA products are way ahead of the competition.”

The water-based line presented here is one of the most interesting developments in the PHA range. It uses a special emulsification technique developed by BarthHaas that enables hop extracts to be dissolved in just water. “It’s the ideal solution for customers who wish to avoid using other carriers such as ethanol or propylene glycol,” explains Dr. Alicia Muñoz Insa, Technical Sales Manager at BarthHaas. “This makes the PHAs the cleanest of all clean-label solutions.” The PHA range was designed for producing lightly hopped beers and beverages such as lager, pilsner, light or alcohol-free beers, and hop water.

Another advantage of all the PHA varietals is the fact that their storage and shipping costs are considerably lower than those of conventional hop products. “Due to the low average dosage of five to 40 milliliters per hectoliter, the amount of product transported is very small. With quantity options ranging from 20-milliliter samples to 1000-liter containers, we can meet the needs of any production facility,” says sales expert Hannes Schneeberger. “Our new PHA range offers brewers the tools to produce flavorsome high-quality beers and beverages easily and with absolute control,” underlines technical expert Dr. Alicia Muñoz Insa.

Find more information and order samples at https://barthhaas.com/pha.

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