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Smart Beer Membrane Filtration - Pentair BMF + Flux Smart S8

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Date: 01 May 2021

The brewer of today has many challenges. Beer quality must be outstanding, all resources need to be maximally utilized and the output of beer should be as high as possible.

For over decades Pentair is market technology leader in Beer Membrane Filtration and many breweries all over the globe implemented the BMF systems in their operation to have the perfect beer against the lowest possible cost level.

We have gone one step further and developed our Smart Beer Membrane Filter, the BMF +Flux Smart S8 suitable for beer filter lines with a capacity from 300 hl/h up to 900 hl/h.


The BMF +Flux Smart S8 consists out of a master controller and multiple membrane units. The core of the design is that the membrane units are able to filter and clean independently of each other, making it a self-foreseeing beer filter. Even when the quality of resources has fluctuations, the smart steering controller makes sure the system runs as efficient as possible. Furthermore, the smart steering controller decides which unit has to run, at which flow rate, and which unit can do a cleaning. This implies a reduction of downtime to zero and a non-stop beer flow!

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