Ziemann will again act as a planner and system integrator in the current cellar project at Desnoes & Geddes, Jamaica. Picture: Ziemann
03 June 2015

Ziemann realizes cellar project for Desnoes & Geddes in Jamaica

The two sister companies Ziemann International GmbH and Holvrieka BV have been awarded a contract to realize a further cellar project for the Jamaican brewery Desnoes & Geddes Limited (Diageo Group) in Kingston, after having already successfully carried out a cellar modernization project for Desnoes & Geddes in 2014, with Holvrieka supplying six DPVs and one Horap tank and Ziemann acting as planner and system integrator.

As part of this expansion stage, Holvrieka will supply ten so-called “Dual Purpose Vessels” (DPV). These tanks are suitable for both process and bright beer tank functions. This will provide the producer of the Jamaican top brand “Red Stripe” with a maximum of flexibility regarding its fermentation, storage and bright beer tank capacities.

Ziemann will plan and build the new semi-automatic cellar. In addition, they will be responsible for the pipework and the system integration inclusive of the control system.

The entire project shall be completed by the end of September 2015.

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