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The Americas

31 March 2016

BSG invests in pilot brewery

Soon Esau & Hueber will supply yet another pilot brewery "System Nerb" into the United States: BSG, one of the largest suppliers to the craft brewing industry in the US can expand their services in future. The plan is not only pure research on raw and auxiliary materials. Breweries can also practice product development there.

The heart of the pilot plant in Shakopee is the fully automated 2.5 bbl (3 hl) 5-vessel brewhouse with a unique hybrid cooking system. The hybrid internal boiler can also process effectively smaller batches of wort (being high-extract worts of 20° P or more). In addition to the hybrid cooking system, the wort kettle can also be operated via an external boiler.

Esau & Hueber also received the contract to supply the additional brewing equipment such as tanks, water supply, CIP systems, malt handling and milling and a small yeast propagation. The entire brewery is equipped with the fully automatic process control system WinBrew®.

BSG Craft Brewing, based in Shakopee about 30 miles southwest of Minneapolis will be supplied with the brewery equipment in May. The brewery will be installed in the building of Rahr Malting where annually 380,000 tons of malt are produced.