ransomware attack (Photo: Michael Geiger, Unsplash)
15 December 2020

Campari hit by ransomware attack

Italy | The Campari Group (Cinzano, Aperol, Skyy Vodka), headquartered in Milan with an annual turnover of EUR 1.8 billion (USD 2.2 billion), is one of the world’s largest spirits firms. In early November, the company became the victim of a cyber attack.

Reportedly, the ransomware RagnarLocker was used. This type of malware can encrypt files. The attackers then demand a ransom in return for decrypting the files.

Parts of Campari’s IT infrastructure and the company’s site were offline for several days. The hackers allegedly demanded a ransom of USD 15 million, and Campari allegedly refused to pay.

As Campari announced on 4 December 2020, investigations have revealed that, among other things, the employee directory (7,000 names and personal details) as well as files about business partners were compromised. Campari therefore warns all concerned against fake emails with payment requests.

In June, Australia’s number two brewer, Lion, was twice the target of a cyber attack. The first paralysed not only its IT, but also its breweries for several weeks.

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